Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Tick is 80 woot!

He was even lucky enough to get a Spirit Beast thanks to ESN Rare, a handy little mod that will put out a warning when it scans a rare mod in the area. I also did some planning ahead and thanks to the Tournament and 2 runs through reg Toc at 79 had him one trinket away from the Superior Achievement and with 7 epics. I really missed having my hunter maxed out and I had a real debate when the expansion came out who was gonna be my first 80 my Hunter or my Pally, well then the great BM nerfbat came out that really turned me away from my hunter for a while. He is really fun though and I am really glad I got him leveled up. I guess the question I need to ask is what do I do with him now?


Ruhtra said...

Grats on lvl 80. I also agree BM Hunter is a lot of fun. I have a Devilsaur and can't imagine not having the little guy.

One thing you could consider is duel-spec'ing to have either SV or MM as a raid spec. If you feel like you need a little more firepower.

Good luck and grats once again.

Mister K said...

Thanks Ruhtra! I don't even know if he'll see anything besides the occasional 5man or Voa so I'm not too worried about top end damage. I do enjoy the survival spec for its variety though so I may dual-spec him anyways.

Anonymous said...

grats mister k! on level 80.
i dont know much about hunters but yea like ruthra was saying dual specing is also good. depending on boss encounters for future raids you go too would help a lot.

Vralk said...

If you are only one trinket away from an achievment, I know it's abit like cheating, but if you swap the trinkets around, then back, it counts as having a trinket of certain iLvl in that slot, and in the other.
just alittle help if you are 'cheeve whoring' :)
Grats on 80, I've just hit it again, might put a post up later