Monday, November 9, 2009

So I'm gonna tank Maly tonight

This will be new. I have never been in yet and haven't even watched a vid on it in a long time because my old guild quit raiding, so tonight I will watch a refresher. I do know the basics of the encounter with the 3 phases and all the movement and the dragon riding at the end. I usually do pretty good in the vehicle fights (lets not mention that FL from a couple weeks ago alright). I am pretty excited actually and hopefully we'll get a bunch of people their Champion of the Frozen wastes titles tonight (better late then never right). I didn't actually get in very much gaming over the weekend as Saturday had my uncles birthday and Sunday helped a buddy move. I have gotten my long forgotten hunter about halfway through 78 and I am really enjoying it. It took leveling one hordeside to make me remember how much fun playing my hunter really was. Its really weird because he was my second 70 and now he'll end up being my sixth 80 (hey remember laid off over the summer played alot of wow). I don't know what I'll do with him at 80 but I'll figure that out. I am starting to level a few alts on my new server but I am starting to consider maybe transferring a couple of my 80's over because it would be nice to have some full grown alts to help me out. I just am not sure what I want to do honestly. I guess I'll just see how it goes.

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