Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So how was Maly you ask? Well

Actually not too bad we got to phase 3 on every try and we got him down to 10-11% on a couple tries but we really just need to work out phase 3 but I think we are close to getting it down. We just need to stick together better and move out of the lightning balls faster. Except for one try we made it to phase 3 with everyone still standing every time (I tried pulling Maly away from a spark and killed my raid leader on the other one, sorry Swan). We are going to go back tonight and finish him off. I am confidant we'll get him down first or second try actually as long as we get everybody back. It was actually a pretty fun raid even if we didn't kill him.


Grimmtooth said...

As a guild, that was our second attempt, and went a lot better than last time. P1 and P2 went pretty well on at least two attempts. As you noted, P3 is getting us. Last time we just didn't have time to execute P3, but I think we have it now, so with practice and digging we should get there.

That'll be cool.

Mister K said...

I was really impressed with how we did actually I am so glad to be raidng with you guys we keep it fun and we are still able to make progress. I am having a blast!