Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It may have taken us a couple hours, but we killed Ony woot!

Our group got together last night to take down Ony last night and since we had never been there as a group we had some learning to do on the mechanics of the fight, or how to avoid deep breaths lol. It's always funny how it works out where you struggle and struggle and then when you get it everybody is alive at the end. Some loot was passed out and fun was had by all or at least by me I guess I can't speak for everyone.


Grimmtooth said...

Once we got the OT squared away on where to stand and the DPS to down the leets fast and everybody doing the pull right ... yeah, went smooth as buttah.

Taht last pull was perfect, the OT was in the perfect spot for the healers to keep everyone up without being ... TARGETS ... and DPS shifted to the big adds quickly.

I know they were all like 'need fear ward', but the cracks really weren't that painful and the fear didn't last that long. I imagine those cracks were a lot more painful at 60.

GG all.

Jamey said...

Learning to work as a group is always fun leavened with a little bit of pain! But the pain makes the eventual success so much sweeter!

Most everyone had done the fight before, just not together. I think half the battle is just breaking the "Omigawd, we've never done this as a guild before" mindset. Then there are the minor adjustments of "I know that most groups do it this way, but how do we make it work with what we've got?"

The raid DPS (even without Krantor and Fanthis) was over 35K. More than enough to clear Ulduar. We have the brute force and gear, we just need the finesse now. :)

Jamey AKA Swansong

Mister K said...

@ Grimm, I never even thought about fear ward I figured the tremor totems would handle that well enough. My biggest thing actually was trying to figure out what I could do to help while waiting for the whelp spawns. I basically just threw whatever I could at Ony while watching for the whelps

@Swan, I really don't mind wiping as long as progress is being made so for me it was a good fun, I feel a little bad about asking you about Lafrentz I just know he's wanted to get in a run with us and show waht he can do. I feel bad though that Krantor couldn't go because I feel like he's part of our core group and really does a great job.

Anonymous said...

Grats on downing onyx!