Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I don't know anything about Enhance Shaman's but..

If you do or are curious about the mechanics behind them I just read a very interesting post over at Big Hit Box about weapons that was really surprising to me.

In other news, we finished our Naxx from Thursday last night and steamrolled through the last wing and Saph and KT like nobodys business. I couldn't get enough people interested in a Voa though so I called it a night after that. There was a group of people going through Gnomer instead for the lowbies.


Kromus said...

Enhancement shamans are great fun, I love maelstrom weapon and I love mah spirit wolves.

Thanks for the link, but I love doing things myself.

Mister K said...

I have leveled everyclass up to 60 except for a rogue (just can't get into that playstyle had to switch my druid to boomkin to level him up) But, I have never played my shaman as enhancement he's always been elemental. I was just really intrigued that weapon speed made that much of a difference in dps. my only melee dps toons are DK and when I switch my pally to ret. I swing big 2-handers on both of them so I never had to think about weapon speed as much.