Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We finally got him! but...

Its true, we finally got the dancing machine down. It was a great feeling watching the last bit of his health fall off. A big cheer over vent and a happy guild. We did have to bring in a ringer though. One of our guildies has been in a few other guilds and knows quite a few of the top raiders on our guild and has already cleared Naxx10 and 25 on both her 80's and has started working in Ulduar pugs. So as our main difficulty was our healers not making it through the dance she jumped off her mage main and brought her Resto druid in to carry us through. It worked really well and we had 6-7 people standing at the end so the group has really gotten much better at the dancing. Loatheb was pretty much a cakewalk after that and our other resto druid got the tier shoulders(gratz Drusky). We are probably gonna start working Abom quarter now as we slowly work our way to getting a thorough knowledge of all the wings down. So congrats Corsairs, 2 wings down 2 to go!

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