Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WOW Equipment Manager, Yes it works!

Just a quick post on the new equipment manager. First you have to turn the option on in your interface menu, under the control tab. This will put a button on the top right of your character screen. The easiest thing to do is get a set of gear on that you want to change to quickly. Then save it. Put your next set of gear on then save it to another button. I have found it to work very smoothly in my limited testing last night. I can switch from ret to prot in less than 5 seconds with just 2 buttons pushed. I find this to be a great new tool built into the game. It won't do all the extra stuff you will get from some of the mods out there like outfitter but if your just looking for something simple that works for easy quick gear changing it is up to the task. Next time I might even post screen shots lol

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Shy said...

hold down alt while mousing over one of your gear pieces, opens up a whole new set of options ;)