Thursday, May 7, 2009

Learning the Heigan dance (I failed)

So what happens when you take 8 people into Naxx and only 2 of them have seen the Heigan fight? Answer, a lot of wiping lol? You only learn so much from reading about it you have to see it for yourself. I finally figured out I needed to back my camera all the way out and look at it top down so I could see the whole pattern on the floor and know where to move to. I usually was going to far at first because the lines are crooked and I have bad spacial awareness when I am backing up but the top down view helped me alot and I didn't die from the dancing on our last try, there were only 2 of us left though with no healers so I crumpled pretty quick. Hopefully we can get a few more trys in this week to help learn the fight a little better. We did kill Noth on the first try though so that was pretty good. A very intense fight with only eight since I was on the adds I had to hold quite few of them for a while. Hand of Reckoning helps out alot on that fight because they come from so far away and I usually already had some on me. A fun night though even with the wiping

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