Thursday, May 14, 2009

At least I got to farm some herbs

The last couple of nights have been kind of eventful. We did our Tuesday raid on Naxx and came upon the Heigan roadblock again. This is just an encounter where we are going to have to keep trying it until everybody has the spacing down. We are barely getting into our second phase 1. I have gotten alot better at it usually being one of the last to die, mostly because none of our healers have been able to get past phase 2. I think on all of our attempts last night we may have had 1 healer get through phase 2 one time. That really scuttles any attempts when you have no healers. Our last attempt was pretty close our healers got hit hard by the disease at the end of phase 2 and got cut down but at least they survived the dancing. Last night I was gonna try to do a Naxx25 with my druid but after about an hour and a half the group fell apart because they were being all selective and elitist, not wanting any more melee, and some guy didn't want anymore elemental shamans it was totally ridiculous. I'm sure I'll get in on some pugs eventually but if everybody has that attitude about it I don't think I'm missing too much. At least while I was waiting I got to farm up quite a few herbs which is something I had really been slacking on for a while.


Anonymous said...
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Shy said...

Heyas Mister K, when we did Heigan I ran into this little flash animation somewhere, it helped some of our raiders to see what was happening in the room.

Don't give up, you'll get there :)

Kromus said...

Aye - its one of those tactics that you either get or dont. Or in some cases, you understand but just can't do it.

It'll click soon.