Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our new raid night was fun until...

Until we got to Gluth, hahaha. We are still working out a zombie kiting strategy. Our mage/hunter combo was kind of having a hard time staying alive. We did coast through Patch and Grobbulus though so that worked out pretty good. Also wanted to note my posting may be a little more spotty for a while. I used to post regularly at work but I was layed off last week (not because of my blogging, lol) so now I am out hunting for a new job, so posting to the blog is kind of on the backburner. Hopefully I can pick up a new job soon and get my schedule all figured out and get back to posting more of my misadventures. Typeatyalater


Shy said...

Hey Mister K,

Some suggestions for the demon puppy.

Use hunter traps if you have hunters to slow the zombies down, otherwise shaman earthbind totem helps too.

Use a tank geared character to kite, they have more hitpoints. DKs seem to do especially well, since they can grip the zombies back to the back when they wander too far forward.

Use a paladin to stun all of the zombies when they go consume mode, they will all just stand there and it's much easier to aoe them down at that point. If one of two MTs is a paladin you can even use this person, just make sure the other MT is tanking while the paladin runs out to stun stuff. A holy paladin works nicely as well since they can be the healer in the back and use the stun.

I hope you'll get him down soon! And then after the biggest challenge in Naxx..Thaddius!

Mister K said...

Thanks Shy, those sound like some great tips and hopefully this week we get the ugly puppy down. I'm looking forward to Thaddius to see how we will do actually

Jessabelle said...

Something to keep in mind about those little jerks in the back is armor value. The debuff that stacks up only increases physical damage which can be mitigated by armor. The way we always look at it is more about armor, and less about health pool.

So, having a kiter in the back that wears plate is really helpful. I always make sure to put my healers with the most armor in the back too whenever possible (i.e. Druids with their barkskin, and shammies because they wear mail). Our holy pallies are usually busy healing the tanks, so we haven't been able to try the holy wrath method.

Shy said...

Heyas, hope stuff is working out for you with the job hunt and all. Come back to say hello soon! Miss your updates :(