Thursday, December 4, 2008

uh yeah..

Murloc costumes are funny

I never posted that I hit 80 did I? Oops, I did in fact hit 80 along with the frog. Now we are patiently (or in the frogs case not so patiently) waiting for the rest of our guild to catch up. I don't want to act like they are not trying or anything or that we are the super elites (we are not, trust me). We just had a lot of free time available right when the expansion came out so we played alot and leveled up fast. There are quite a few over level 75 and closing in so it won''t be along wait to get into heroics but if a couple people level up quicker we might run a couple pugs to help gear up and ease the runs on those leveling up. Also as I always tell the frog that what alts are for (and in his defense he has got a DK he has pushed pretty hard, he just hates leveling and quests).

Also I added a picture from one of those fun quests in the fjord you may have heard of.

oh and my DK

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