Monday, December 8, 2008

Looking for Upgrades

Well, it took me a little while to figure out what to post about. I don't have a lot to mention character wise. Got my priest to 71, specced him out full discipline (well 57/4/0 but you know what I mean). Its actually been fun I really like penance for both healing and damage. I figure it never hurts to have another healer around and this way I don't have to respec my boomkin (although I may just to try tree healing a couple times, call me odd but I like healing). Ok, so on to my point. I am looking for upgrades for my tank and trying to find the most painless things to get so I can get up to 25k health as I wait on the cooldown on my titansteel (grrr). I look at 25k health as the baseline for heroics right now so that's my goal ,as well as getting defense capped but that's a given. Well form my trinket post you know of my desire for the trinket, 1 run done no trinket (humph). I also am going to try to get an Utgarde pinnacle run since there is a nice chest reward from the quest giver in there. I find it kind of odd that the only blue upgrade from that quest drops in that instance too so if you get it on that first run the quest is worthless to you but oh well either way that will be a good run (say a prayer the bracers drop too). What is really tough is the lack of good tanking weapons. There are three from heroics and 1 in Naxx10 and that's it for me since I don't plan on running Naxx25 (which only has 2 more so its not like its some huge thing). Seems like more oddity in tanking drops but that as been a common theme so far. So I guess I'll be running a few more of the eighty dungeons and hoping for a couple drops and getting some enchants from a friendly enchanter to push me the rest of the way.

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