Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My discipline spec and rotation

I have been leveling my priest of late with the new shortage on healers with the influx of new tanks and dps from the deathknights. I will probably spec him CoH if I get him into any raids but for leveling and 5mans I am finding discipline to be my spec of choice. I have heard there are not a lot of great guides to specs and rotations and glyphs for this out there so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring, if you have any suggestions or contradictions to my post please let me know. I will start with my discipline choices (Just a note this is a PVE spec I don't PVP with my priest so if you see some points that you think are mandatory its probably because I deem them to PVP for my healing build which is my priority)

Discipline tree
Tier 1
Twin Disciplines: 5/5
Good for damage and healing good for everyone as far as I can tell
Tier 2
Improved Inner Fire: 3/3
Always good for leveling as more charges means its more set and forget but with the change to inner fire buffing spellpower you are going to want to have this buff on at all times and increasing it by 15% only makes it better
Improved Power Word: Fortitude: 2/2
I think this is the most powerful buff in the game honestly, and making it better only makes sense to help with our inherent squishieness
Tier 3
Meditation: 3/3
The real reason to spec discipline. almost all priests are going to go this far just for this 30% mana regen while casting, yes please!
Inner Focus: 1/1
Hmm, a free spell with 25% increase to crit yeah I'm taking that and using it every cooldown
Improved Power Word: Shield: 3/3
The true power of Discipline is in the power of your shields, you can kill most things without ever losing your bubble (even 2-3 mobs usually just means I have to cast buble twice) This is mandatory!! good for soloing and splash damage in instances
Tier 4
Mental Agility: 5/5
10% less mana for all instant cast spells (shield and renew staples of discipline)
Tier 5
Divine Spirit: 1/1
Was the talent behind the term "Divine spirit priest" a good buff for us with meditation, more spirit more mana regen, and a great buff for druids, warlocks, and arane mages
Improved Divine Spirit: 2/2
Making a good talent great, and even more so in Northrend, if its cloth it has spirit and if it has spirit it means 100% more spellpower, gotta have it!!
Mental Strength: 5/5
15% more Intellect, more mana, more crit, more regen all good things
Tier 6
Enlightenment: 5/5
More Stam, Spirit and Haste all good things take it and enjoy
Focused Power: 2/2
2 points 4% more damage and healing sounds good to me
Tier 7
Power Infusion: 1/1
Not as clear a buff as it used to be but I think its actually better overall, cast on yourself whenever its up and casters you group with will thank you everytime your nice enough to buff them with it.
Reflective Shield: 3/3
Just awesome for leveling they hit you almost half of the damage they would have done hits them instead, if you keep your shield up all the time this is a must have for leveling yeah for free damage
Tier 8
Rapture: 5/5
You heal you get mana back, you shield someone taking damage (including yourself) you get mana back your going to be doing those things anyway might as well get mana back while doing them
Tier 9
Divine Aegis: 3/3
More damage absorption is always a good thing and since tanks are putting out so much more threat from damage, This shouldn't hurt warriors and druids building rage and keeping aggro
Pain Suppression: 1/1
Someone pull ag from the tank who is much squishier pain suppression is the answer for all those warriors with no ag drop and ret pallies who's bubble always seems to be on cooldown or have forbearance. Also good if you happen to pull too many and can't bubble because of weakened soul
Grace: 2/2
Lets see so I heal the tank and he takes less damage and I heal better yeah that sounds good to me.
Tier 10
Borrowed Time: 5/5
So after I bubble someone I get to cast faster, and the more spellpower I get (which is my primary stat the more my shield absorbs for yes I think I will take that.
Tier 11
Penance: 1/1
The damage numbers may look a little lackluster but it is very effective and I use it almost every cooldown healing or soloing.
Shadow Tree
Tier 1
Spirit Tap: 3/3
You mean after I kill something I regen 50% of my mana while casting and it stacks with Meditation ok if you insist.

As I level the rest of my points will be spent in Holy, with Improved Renew and either 2 points in Holy Specialization so I can get Divine Fury, or 5 in Holy Specialization and 2 in Aspiration over in Discipline. I'm not sure yet.

On my spell rotation, its usually a pretty simple bubble, Holy Light, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, Smite, Shadow Word: Death. If they are not ready for SW: Death at that point I usually just Mind Blast or Smite again. But with some decent gear and all the mana regen available I never worry about mana and stuff dies really quickly, I am usually looking at 10 seconds left of bubble when I loot.

Glyphs on the way to 80
As you only get major glyphs before 80 I recommend
Glyph of Power word: Shield
More free heals is awesome
Glyph of Renew
More powerful renew is better even if you have to cast it more often
For minors its really what you feel like but I recommend
Glyph of Levitate
Bag space!!
Glyph of Shadowfiend
Just in case
Glyph of Fortitude
Helpful on rebuffing and less downtime drinking
Your mileage may vary

Well thats about everything if you have any other questions or some suggestions please feel free!!
/end Wall of text

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