Friday, December 19, 2008

Time to find out....

Its time I had a talk with some of my guildies about what our plans are for raiding. I have been looking at the roster and we are looking to be 1 tank heavy and 1 healer short, now we have 2 tanks that also have healers and our other tank has dps and is very new to tanking. I don't want to sound egotistical when I say this but I have been tank number 1 for a while now, but it appears I may have to take a backseat on the tanking and become one of our healers, now I don't have a problem with this in theory. I like healing I leveled as ret spec but was healing in almost all the 5mans we did and leveled up to 70 as holy, where I fell into tanking and I like that too. I am going to have to discuss this with a bunch of my friends and see what they think are the best options. I know from a few of them they view me as a tank first and would rather I was tanking on all the runs, I also know that I would probably have to respec away from disc on my priest or go resto with my druid (which has crossed my mind a time or two), neither of which is my preferred style, although I have never specced resto on my druid so I have no experience with it and may really just need to try it and I may switch to it because I want to I don't know. I am planning on trying it out just because I never have and am curious to how it plays (and running around as a tree looks fun). This is all speculation right now but I know it is going to start coming up because some of the group have been chomping at the bit to start getting into Naxx. Shir was actually in Naxx last night because she knows quite a few high end raiders and was able to get through the whole place, Gratz to her. I just hope she doesn't get bored waiting for the rest of us. I have to work twice as hard as a tank because the gear is so spread out and so specific that with bad luck on droprates (Loken is taunting me) I am always a step behind dps getting gear. This causes 2 problems, 1 I can't get runs with pugs because they only take the top geared tanks, and 2 it holds my guild back because they can't progress if I can't tank certain instances. I really like our guild we are small but we all get along really well and I don't want to lose people because we are not doing anything but if we don't have the right group makeup or we just don't have the gear I am not going to tell somebody not to go if they get a good opportunity to actually make progress. This doesn't even bring up the fact that if I have to switch to a healing role then we have to wait longer as the other tanks get geared up and I level and gear up my healer. Anyway that turned into a rant and that wasn't what I meant it to be but oh well. I will update my progress on what our plans are when I find out (hopefully soon).

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