Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am having so much fun

I have done so much stuff since the expansion came out is unbelievable. I am intrigued by all the possibilities and am having fun doing all sorts of things. Last night I even got exalted with the Keepers of time because we had a guildie who was on the alchemy quest and then the 2 people with me were nice enough to go back in an get the last 720 rep I needed to get exalted. By the way they have a cool looking tabard but it doesn't quite keep up with my favorite achievement and the only title I knew I would get for sure. Mister K The Explorer (I know that's not how my characters name is spelled that's what its supposed to be though). I didn't really have to try that hard to get the exploration achievements done in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms as I have always been an overeager explorer (I went into Arathi Highlands at 17, wandered around Durotar at 32, Was seen in the Plaguelands at 45, my friend and I had an epic battle with a ?? spider, pallys and shamens working together can be scary). After I finished those up very quickly I headed to outland and had one spot in Nagrand and that was it, My mining runs had previously unlocked every other area in Outland without me even knowing it. So when I was over in Sholazar Basin doing a little mining I decided to get my exploration done there and as I got the last part I flew right into Icecrown, well as I have noted my craziness already I had about 1/2 of Icecrown done from before getting my flying mount, so I just finished that up and the push was on. I get very direct when I am pushing for something and find myself to be very dedicated to it once I have a goal so it was fun and I got my first Northrend purple Tabard of The Explorer. It is amazing and I will definitely be posting a pic sometime soon. Anyways I just hope everybody out there is having as much fun as me and is enjoying all the new content.

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