Monday, November 3, 2008

As much ZA as I could

We cleared most of ZA on Saturday although we went late into the night. Hooray for the nerf bat. I don't think anybody in my guild would have been able to go into ZA before the nerf (although a couple would have been close to ready if borderline including my tank). It was getting late though and we took 2 tries at the Hex Lord but we just didn't have anything left at that point. It was progression run for us so we wiped a few times learning the fights, (I hate Jan'alai I had to aoe tank the dragonhawks, half of them will just fly right through my consecrate, that really messes with your healers). Well we had planned to try again Sunday but I didn't really get out of bed all day yesterday as the cold I am fighting off hit me hardest then. I was miserable, I feel bad if they tried to get a run together but I just didn't have it in me to sit at the computer yesterday. There was some nice loot drops though and now that the armory seems to be working we are on the realm page on WOW-jutsu (woot!). So if you're curious check out The Corsairs on Nathrezim (I'd link but they are down). OK, back to work and coughing (ech!)

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