Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy night for a short one

Well, I'll say ret may still be a little OP before 80 because I respecced ret for a couple days and got to run an instance as ret for the firt time in a long time and I have to say, I STILL HAZ IT!! Yes my crappily geared ret spec topped the damage meters in a Nexus run, and before you say but you were 75, well so was the rogue and the hunter was 74 so its not like we were that far apart. We had a 70 tank and a 70 healer so we thought we'd bring some leveled dps to make it a quick run. I really liked being able to dps but man was I squishy, it was so weird going from being able to solo elites to having to eat and drink after taking on two mobs. So back to tanking cause at 75 I got Shield of the Righteous and I so wanted to try it out. Now I don't kill stuff as fast as I did Ret specced but the dps increase is impressive and really takes any downtime out of the rotation which bugged me a little with Ret as sometime your just waiting on that auto swing or the next cooldown but with Prot I never have to wait on a cooldown because I have so much to do its awesome. I'm starting to feel the altitis itch though and want to play my other toons but I also want to keep leveling with the frog so we can burn stuff down like its not even there. Tonight I ding 76 and get some Saronite (hopefully I am frankly disappointed in the spread on the mines, in Outland Adamantite started springing up in Zanger while out here I've been through the Grizzly Hills and a little of Zul Drak and yet to see a Saronite vein although I did see 2 Titanium mine outside Dalaran but I am still not high enough in mining to mine that yet {grr} but hopefully that all changes soon, if not I'll be spending a lot of time in Sholazar as I have heard that is a good spot for Saronite. /rant end)

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