Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grizzly Hills.....ehh

I have been a little disappointed in the Grizzly Hiis honestly. The look of the area is awesome and I think the dungeon is going to be amazing, but it seems like all the quests are horribad droprate quests, worg meats, mojos by the gallon, bear flanks. Also, don't use your mojos unless your sure the quest is done because then you'll have to farm more of them up and that is torture. Now a few of the quests were fun, horseriding quests ftw, Harrison Jones is my hero, and the return of the worgen was an excellant turnabout. I am really looking forward to 77 so I can start flying again. You don't realise how much you miss it til its gone. We didn't even ding last night because we spent so much time doing those droprate quest and if you don't know me, the RNG on droprates hates me with a passion. I have been known to have had to kill over a hundred of certain mobs to get my 12 pieces of whatever (and yes I do read the quests so no I was not that guy killing turkeys the BBB was talking about). So I hope the other areas have fewer of these types of quests and more of the fun and exciting stuff we got to do in the Dragonflight

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