Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its not even the same game anymore...

I decided to see if I could bring up any nostalgic moments in game before my sub ran out so I went to the area I probably spent my most time in game the Western Plaguelands. I used to spend hours killing undead there, it wasn't so much farming as I was a Paladin and back in the day when pallies had such a limited arsenal the extra attacks against undead made me feel like a badass. I loved killing undead, it was my one true passion in game all the way into Icecrown. Well Sorrow Hill where I spent so much time killing has finally been cleared, and you can basically just walk up to Araj the Summoner without even trying. That made me sad to see. I used to go in with all my toons who could barely hack it in the plaguelands and do surgical strikes on the undead until I could clear a path to him. A true test of skill. I would even work with horde doing the same thing on my old pvp server, such was my hate for the undead. I don't even recognize the game I played for so long anymore. Now don't get me wrong the new leveling quests are fun and the game needed a makeover something fierce but, I think it lost some of its heart and soul over the years. You look at each patch and the nerfs are not usually that significant but if you go back somewhere you have not been in quite a while the complete lack of challenge in certain areas that used to be true tests is really disappointing to me. Well I guess I had one more rant in me after all lol. We'll see what I do going forward from here Thanks for reading.

K Out!


Grimmtooth said...

I was reading the other day that although the home planet of the Dreadsteed is officially part of the game's canon, all references to it have been removed in-game. I don't even think you can summon the demon dude in Dire Maul any more.

While the Dreadsteed questline was hell on wheels (as I'm sure the Charger was as well), it was still an achievement to be proud of. I got my warlock a dreadsteed before they made it a trainable skill, thanks to a healthy assist from my guildies.

Good times.

Yeah, they can laugh at the old farts waxing nostalgic about banging their heads with rocks to make music, but at the same time, when the old farts look around, they see a bunch of peeps with "EZ MODE" on their foreheads.

There is a kernal of truth in there, and people will take offense at that, but what ya gonna do.

Trufax: Grimmtooth the First was a Dwarven warrior. One reason I quit playing in Vanilla was that the Timbermaws were sooooo hard. Can you imagine? An Arms warrior wimping out on the Timbermaw? Nobody that started in BC or later would understand. They just wouldn't.

They pretty much still hate me in that tunnel, too.

thedoctor said...

Its good to remember good times you had playing a game and its normal to miss them because they are no longer available.

I feel what you're saying, the new stuff is fun and what not...but the game lost alot of its flavor, especially to a nerd like me that started playing back in 04.

Even though you quit, you better keep blogging

kaozz said...

I know what you mean, I still reflect on those good ol' days. I played since release and I've often said the game has contorted into something I barely recognize, not that I don't enjoy it. It just has a much different feel to it.

Mister K said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Wow has a lot of good things and as the most populated game out there are always people doing stuff. It just doesn't have that pull on me it used to, where I would be thinking about it at work and then getting on right when I got home and then blogging about it after I logged off. Its just there now and I don't really miss it. We'll see how it goes.

Don't worry Doc, I'm not going anywhere :)

Amerence said...

Oh yea I feel ya K, I even stop and think million times and ask myself why I still play this game? I miss the Old world, and How WoW was before. now its fine but its really different, the leveling, questing and even the raiding is really different now a days.

I even feel like if your not good of a player you are set aside and no one will play with you, so you just do your own thing. the 10 man and 25 man content merge lockout is Im not happy with, but oh well.

But anyway, like others are saying dont stop blogging! say hi, here and there. I know this isn't your goodbye yet! you have your choices though. But whatever it is Good luck! =D