Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am paid up for only 2 more days

I decided since I had only logged in once in the last month it wasn't worth it to keep paying for WOW. I don't know if this is a permanent goodbye or just a temporary leave of absence. I find I have been spending more time reading and catching up on things from Netflix and playing games on the Xbox. I logged in today thinking I would do some of the stuff I always said I wanted to do before I stopped playing. I lasted about 45 min before I got bored. After having been a Raider and pushing to topple bosses and then burning out I just can't get into the casual play style of WOW. I also have no ambition to push myself to get geared up to do any Raiding, as I get so frustrated with randoms and very few of my friends play any more and are all spread out over different servers. I will probably log in a couple times in the next couple days to see if I can catch anybody online to update contact info but after that I don't know what my gaming plans will be. ToR has had me curious for a long time so I might give it a try when it comes out. I may try some of the free-to-play MMO's out there now see if something grabs me. Any good ideas?


Grimmtooth said...

Ah, I more or less figured you were drifting off to other things, but it's always a little sad to get confirmation. In case you miss him, Ted was thinking of you and G and says hi. :)

Mister K said...

Ted is awesome! Thanks for all your support and for being an awesome guild member. You helped me try to reach all the goals I had in game.

Amerence said...

Hi K,

I totally understand your situation and its not a bad idea of just doing other stuff than playing WoW, I actually just raid twice a week with a 10 man guild and no pressure at all compare to where I was before. But I hope this isn't a goodbye yet for you! Im still looking forward of some of your musing here and there. and your always welcome in my blog for sure.

I also been playing Rift at the moment too Im in Galena server name is Amerence on Guardian side. if you happen to have interest to try it out! Look for me. =) I had fun playing Rift so far and this could be a good idea to try out different MMO. =)

Anyway, Goodluck in whatever you do hon. God Bless! =)