Monday, May 30, 2011

The Apocalypse has called me back!

I have long wanted to give Fallen Earth another shot as I had tried the trial a while back but was still too deep into my WOW addiction to really give it a chance. Its lack of polish at the time was also slightly off-putting but I did enjoy parts of it and wish I could have supported it along with WOW. Well I figured now that I am not playing WOW I would give it another try and I have to say the game is much more polished. I also was surprised at how lively it was there is a fairly good sized community on most of the time, and everyone seems really helpful. I have been having trouble finding resources outside the game that are up to date though, where is the wowhead for Fallen Earth. I will have to say though the variety of options available in game is probably enough to get me to sub for a little while and see if I can get into the game. More to come on my "first" impressions and screenshots as soon as I figure out how to take them lol.

K Out!

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