Monday, June 20, 2011

Still around, mostly lurking

I am still playing Fallen Earth! It just keeps me coming back. the crafting that keeps running even when your logged off is a nice change. It takes a little getting used to not getting your crafted items quickly but being able to craft while your out and about or to queue up a bunch of stuff and log off and then its done when you log back on is awesome. I am playing 2 toons so I haven't really moved up in levels much they are 8 and 10. I have mostly been working the quests and geeking out on the crafting. I haven't even gotten in a group for anything yet but I might try some of the PVP before I move to the next bracket. I am curious how it works. Whats everyone else up to a lot of the blogs I follow have been real quiet lately too. I guess I have to pick up some of the slack, lol. Have fun out there whatever you play

K Out!

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