Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look at me!!

I've been working my way along in Fallen Earth. I started my first toon in a little toon called Midway and at level 8 am working in Odenville. Most of my gear is crafted. The crafting system in this game is so deep and I spend as much time trying to get mats for crafting as I do doing quests.

Also thats my horse in the back ground, lol.


kaozz said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the change of pace! Nice mount :)

Mister K said...

Its fun. I am giving it a good luck and started another character too. I also started on Prius a little bit which will be getting a post soon.

Amerence said...

oh great! nice pic. At least you are enjoying a different environment. Goodluck hon. =)