Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Old Beta..

A long time ago in a galaxy far away...... There was lag and more lag and more lag. Yet, this did not keep me from playing for hours over the weekend. I started four toons, got a Trooper up to 12 with a companion and started some crew skills. My other three are between 4-8 because they didn't feel as bad-ass to me. The trooper is almost unstoppable, even with wonky targeting and movement lag so bad I never know which direction I'll be facing. Luckily he is smart enough to shoot behind himself :). Although sadly you get stuck with Jorgen the cat man. He's all bitter about his plight but if you've played a video game, watched an action movie, or read a book with any kind of action plot you can easily figure out why. In fact you already know every story-line ToR has to offer. They didn't try for any originality at all. They picked every standard coming of age, get revenge on your betrayers story-line they could adapt.Yet, I still found it totally fun. The game is so interactive that you just keep going no matter how frustrating it can be. The quests feel like real tasks and the choices you have to make, really make all the difference. The only real problem I foresee having is that making alts in that game is going to be brutal. The starting zone is cut off and you basically have to get to level ten to get out of the zone which takes a few hours at least. I am going to have to upgrade my video card before the game starts to really know whether some of the lag was dependent on that or just them not being able to handle the load yet. But overall I had a blast and would recommend it to anyone who likes MMO's or Star Wars. That's my initial reaction. Everybody have fun out there :) K Out!


kaozz said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun too, lots of neat stuff plus it is fresh and new. Not sure if I'll be playing at release or not. I will surely play it at some point though.

sapphirecrown said...

Yo Ken! As alluring as your words sound, I'm not falling into another MMO honeypot! I haven't even gotten out of WoW yet. So there I was, two days ago, crawling into the Dragon Soul (or whatever the hell it's called) with 9 other intrepid (idiotic?) adventurers. We killed 6/8--do you know what this means? The end is near, my friend, the end is in sight! I was on it last night, watching the cinematic for parachuting on its back! The plus side is that the new heroics drop 378 gear, and since Chem is rockin' heroic gear nothing is an upgrade--so screw those weekly heroics! Just a couple more weeks!

In other news, I started playing Uncharted. Beat the first game, about an hour into the second, and I had to stop. Drake is so charming I want to punch him in the face sometimes, so I needed a break. But I wanted to let you know I'm almost freeeeeeeeeee

Mister K said...

@Kaozz - I fear I already have a guild ready to go at launch and we are already talking about who's covering professions - at least I'll have plenty to blog about, lol

Yo lady, you'll kick that WOW habit yet :). Good luck though! I hope you kick the pinata fast and furious, I actually just purchased a PS3 so I too will be wanting to punch Drake in the face soon