Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I actually have stuff to talk about!

First my big news. I am buying my own place, put an offer down and after a small amount of haggling we came to an accord. :) I have been looking for the last six months so it seems like its been forever getting done. As part of our offer to prove we were serious we put down for a 30 day close so now everything is super rush with inspections appraisals, approvals and so on. This being over the holiday season doesn't help matters and as my closing date is Dec 14 I will be moving at the worst time of year in the winter time. :( I am starting to burn out on all of this but will be extremely happy when it is all done. The place is awesome, I'll try to remember to put some pics up.
Secondly I got a spot in that beta everybody's talking about but as the download speed here is not the fastest I ma on my second day of downloading the client and will still be downloading while enjoy my turkey dinner tomorrow. I will be most thankful if I am able to get in and play at all/ I would love to just create a bunch of characters to see what I like the best although I feel like Imperial Agent is calling my name. I find this mildly surprising as I couldn't play a rogue in WOW to save my life but the IA just looks like so much fun with the sneakiness and exploding bots.
I also got Fallen Earth updated for the first time in three months and have been playing it a little bit. I love the post apocalyptic world and it is such a cool place and the crafting is still crazy awesome but I get overwhelmed in that game because I want to do so much but my resources seem limited. Its basically the gist of the game but we'll see.
I almost forgot I even logged into WOW on a free account because someone reminded me they redid the Troll starting area. I only did one quest because that's about all that I can handle WOW but it seemed cool. I might log in once and awhile just to reminisce.
Well that's enough for now. If I get any playtime in the beta I'll try to post my thoughts on it.
K Out!

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Amerence said...

hi K, Im glad your still keeping us updated on what's going on with you! Anyway, Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Im glad you got a new place now, I bet Iowa is snowing already. Take care! and Keep in touch! =) I am back playing WoW now and also blogging. =) Good Luck! and dont forget to post some pics up!