Monday, September 28, 2009

No raids, so alts it is

So while everyone else is burning down Ony and ToC my little guild can barely get enough people on to do a 5man. Its to the point one of our members pulled their druid out to join another friends guild just to be able to run things. I have been debating that strategy myself but would feel like I am abandoning my friends so I have not jumped ship yet. So while I mull that over I have been on another server leveling my Horde toons. I have been playing on that server for a couple years but never with any regularity until lately. I have gotten my hunter up to 26 and have been leveling Inscription on my Death Knight and making a nice profit from that. My DK is ready to go in Outland and am kind of waiting on my friend who has his original main on this server but rerolled on our current server when a bunch of us all started at the beginning of BC his warrior has been 56 for like 3 years. We are going to jump into Northrend together and experience the Horde side of Outland and Northrend. It should be a good diversion until we figure out if our guild is gonna do anything.


bouncy gnome said...

Why dont you try to half pug a 5 man heroic? 2 or 3 from your guild and the rest from a pug. You meet new people and ok...its a pug, but not all of them are that bad :P.
Also if your friends from the guild are not up for a 5 man run than you do not leave them abanded to pug a run, after all... you play this game for your own pleasure and not for them. The ideal situation is to group up with the entire guild and do things together, but everyone has his own plan and his own game and sometimes you gotta choose for that as well :)

Mister K said...

Some of us do pug on occasion. My firend has his 80 warrior and I take my priest and we go into lfg for 3 dps doesn't take us long to find people. Unfortunatley some people in our guild do not like to pug, never have and it limits what we can do sometimes. Also we have some people in our guild who are not very into min-maxing and strategys so we have some people with strange specs and some people who will ignore group leaders when they are explaining fights. Our guild knows this and we understand, but bringing in pugs, it would be difficult to explain those quirks that we all let go, and because of relationships in the guild we don't say "Your dps is no good we can't bring you to this stuff" This is a friends and family guild where everyone knows everyone. Thats what makes it hard to think about bailing on them