Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do I need to dual spec Holy?

Lately I have been having a harder time getting into groups on my disc priest. Every pug I see is looking for Holy priests. Now I don't have anything against Holy priests. I leveled 1-70 as Holy and have had plenty of great Holy priests in runs I have done. I just know that with so many Holy pally's out there the need for disc priests is limited and I have had a hard time getting groups. I just don't know whether I want to do that because I really like disc healing. I know I will probably never go shadow I tried it on the ptr a couple times and have never really enjoyed the process it doesn't feel very intuitive to me. I feel I could probably get into alot more groups as a holy priest because raid heals are very sought after all the time. I just don't know if I want to get stuck in that niche.


Dave said...

Why wouldn't you dual spec holy? Seems like it'd make you a more versatile healer in all ways, is there a reason you wouldn't? At level 80, gold is not a reason because you could probably rally up 1000 g in a short enough amount of time.

Mister K said...

Its not about the cash, that's for sure. I just never saw the need for it before because I never was left wanting. I could heal anything I needed to as disc. It's not the most ideal for raid healing but I can do it.

Dave said...

I'd just go for it then, you can then switch as needed by your group.

bouncy gnome said...

My advice is to try it. I did it the other way around and I am not a huge fan od the disc tree, but if it is needed in a 25 or 10 man raid that I swap to disc then I will do it. All you need to do is get a bit used to it in some heroics how the spec works. In some fights holy will be the best to go and other fights will have disc as preference. Last night we went to ToC 10 man hard mode with 1 pally and 2 holy priests and to make things easyer I went disc on a few encounters to make it easyer for the entire group, however on the PvP encounter I went back holy seen the fact I can spam CoH every cd what is very useful in that fight :)
You have levelled as holy, but lvl 80 holy in raids can have so many different specs and talents. You can put your points in the most grouphealing spells or make more use of tank healing. Want your sshield yes or no, there are many variations of the holy tree that can be used in a raid what you need to figure out what your spec will be. One more alike to disc or one total different and outburst AOE heals like a crazy chicken :P
Goodluck with your desicion and if you need a hand with the holy tree give me a shout and I am happy to help :)

Arkaneena said...

I had a similar problem. I hate tanking. Briefly when I was a noob I was specced into both the prot and Holy trees. Then I saw the Holy Light so to speak and loved it. Now with the dearth of tanks on my server, and my guild I felt pressured to take up tanking.
Well I did it as a dual spec, because I am NOT GIVING UP HEALING. Granted I need 2 sets of gear now, but so what. I need practice as a tank to be sure, but when the group I am in for a raid or H ToC or something has a tank with less health than me, and we have another who can pick up the healing I can take over tanking.
I still don't enjoy it as much, but I get more stuff done and we can finish the dungeon in a pinch.
At least for you they are both still healing. I had to switch to standing in the bosses face and getting smashed. It takes some getting used to after standing in the back with the sissies in dresses. (I am just jealous. :p)