Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!

Hello loyal readers, I am back with another post of meet my toons


Now he might not be the best priest in the game but he has always been one of my favorite toons. I started my first guild on my own with him, paid people to sign my charter to do it but hey. I started him out as a complete unknown to everybody I grouped with and leveled him to about 25 before my roommate even knew about him. It was nice to get away from the group sometimes and just run in the world. Lately though I have been debating on promoting him to the bigger guild so he can be a little more high profile with my friends, we could really use a "good" healing priest, choices choices. I leveled up healing instance runs on my pally until he was switched to prot because its "teh awesome" as the saying goes so I know the deal on all the outland dungeons. I have leveled my priest holy and never really felt it was a detriment, until the 40's I always felt a little overpowered actually. Well that's Newguy, Draenei priests ftw (I love gift of the Naaru and Symbol of Hope). As always any comments are always welcome.

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